Consulting Services for Performing Artists

Letterbox Arts founder and principal Shirley Hunt offers the following services in Boston, New York, and via Skype.  

Career Coaching

Are you looking to shift your approach to your arts career (but aren't sure where to start)? Don't panic – we can help!  Our signature one-on-one consultations help clients gain the clarity and confidence they need to leverage a more rewarding, more lucrative arts career.

Coaching sessions can provide:
• A safe place for conversations about career strategy to unfold
• Clarification of short-term and long-term goals
• Analysis of your professional network - who and how to activate, enlist, & engage
• A supportive environment in which to plan, brainstorm, and ask for advice
• Assistance with project planning
• The opportunity to discuss hopes, dreams, and challenges
• A platform that provides moral support and encourages accountability


Writing & Editing Services

• Bios
• Resumés and CVs
• Cover letters
• Promotional copy for your ensemble or organization
• Concert proposals
• Grant applications
• Other kinds of application materials

What Clients Are Saying

Shirley is a goddess of all things musical and administrative!
— David McCormick, Artistic Director, Early Music Access Project
Shirley presented the material so clearly and directly, and listened to us openly and warmly. Boston is so lucky to have someone with her skill set in the community!
— Eve Boltax, violist, Patchtax
Shirley’s extensive experience shines through in her expertly individualized advice. Her guidance with my materials and career strategy helped me to secure an agent and gain access to that ‘next level’ of performing opportunities. I cannot recommend her consulting services highly enough!
— Thea Lobo, mezzo-soprano
As producer, Shirley was a powerful catalyst for my recording session. Organized and always musically alert, she kept me calm—no mean feat—and focused her efforts on only the most productive takes. I would trust Shirley’s stylistic versatility and keen ear on any project.
— David Richmond, bassoon, Sarasota Opera Orchestra
Life as a freelance musician can be extremely daunting. Fortunately, with Shirley Hunt on my side I truly feel I have an ally in my career. With her extensive experience in arts administration as well as being an accomplished performer herself, she has insights into the business that few others have. Shirley’s boundless enthusiasm for what she does is infectious, and our work together has already begun to show great benefits for me in my performing career.
— Chris Belluscio, historical trumpet specialist
Working with Shirley has been amazing! After our first meeting, positive things started to happen right away — it was almost uncanny. She is very methodical and yet her sessions are a lot of fun. Her skills as a consultant are invaluable not only because she’s a fantastic musician herself, but because she has tons of experience with the business and administrative side of things as well. She is kind, thoughtful, and unfailingly supportive — I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Sylvia Berry, fortepiano
Shirley is knowledgeable, passionate, creative, supportive, sensitive, and super friendly! We are truly grateful for her hard work, creativity and encouragement. Thank you, Shirley!
— Akiko Sato, harpsichordist & Artistic Director of Les Bostonades
I really can’t recommend working with Shirley Hunt strongly enough. After our first meeting a year ago, I began to implement the career strategies and changes she suggested — since then, I landed professional management for my singing career.

Shirley is my go-to whenever I need a second set of eyes and ears to push me forward. She has the background and detailed business mindset to help any musician in any style at any state of their career. She is attentive, an excellent listener, a hard worker, and knows what she’s doing. The investment in your career is worth it!
— Emily Thorner, soprano